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Pennywise x hurt reader

Pennywise: I feed off of the fear of children. I kill kids. I shapeshift into your worse fear. Okay so what I literally want to know is 1. Where is this jumper from? Did Finn steal this jumper from Bill? X would like to celebrate Halloween with you. I really really want to see IT bloopers. Maybe he drops the arm.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Maybe he trips while doing the strut. Maybe his voice cracks. I would love to see him doing an intense scene then being interrupted and just giggling and apologising, all still dressed up. Me coming home after another unsucseful date to a house filled with cats and crushes on fictional characters.

Originally posted by xeptum. Originally posted by slice-n-dice Not even a week later he decides to talk to you, not so subtly jealous about you spending time with Ben. Things sort of…escalate from there. I still need sleep. Richie stops laughing at Stan and, still giggling, turns to you. She knows. His eyes once again scan the boys, who continue to tease without mercy. There would be nothing to celebrate. Keep reading. Originally posted by skarsgardaddict.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. Summary: You tried to stay out of trouble, really you did.

But while running from Henry Bowers, you bump into the only group people who seemed to have noticed you since your arrival at Derry.

Being a resident of Derry officially sucked ass. You glanced behind you as you ran and saw that Henry Bowers was still close behind, shoving little kids and adults alike. Your head snapped back to face front and you prayed that your legs could carry you just a little bit more.You swear you felt something happen to him, since you two shared this weird bond.

He could sense your sadness and distress and you could sense him getting physically hurt. That awful feeling was back again deep in your heart, but much much stronger this time. A fight? You looked up to see the floating children missing. Not a single single sign of him anywhere.

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Ever since the losers appeared he stopped being playful around you and got a more serious attitude. These kids were causing him so much trouble to acquire food. This worried you, the joyful clown was now constantly angry and tense. It saddened you to feel so alone after feeling so loved. You avoided him and he avoided you. Something was floating up wards. Small little white pieces of something slowly making their way up. Your eyes were wide open as you quickly made your way to the nearby tunnel which led you down.

Luckily you knew the sewers like your home. You knew every path, exit and dead end. The deepest part of the sewer was the place where Pennywise would go and hibernate for a almost three decades. Once you reached the bottom you started jogging to the end. You panted softly as you kept going until… You saw him. You were stunned by fear as you stopped dead in your tracks. There he was.

Sitting in the dirty water with his head being cracked open. You lunged at him and shook him, tears making your vision blurry. The warmth that would radiate from his body was gone, he was cold and icy as you screamed against his chest.

You begged him to wake up. You held his body close to yours.Originally posted by justpennywise. Posts Likes Following Come float with us Archive. Pennywise x reader Hey! This is a request from: ashleywinchester69 Can you do a headcannon with pennywise finding his lover wants kids? Have a great day! Penny, feel free to ask because this was so fun to write!! Love you all and take care, I hope you all have a happy new year! Originally posted by justpennywise Pennywise x reader - finding out you want a child When Pennywise realised you wanted a kid, Was when you were babysitting the neighbours 4 month old.

You fawned over the child, loved it, cuddled it, you were so happy. But you were wrong, Because pennywise chose earth, For its fertile women. Penny started to hint at having a child with you, Which started with baby toys appearing, All around the sewers, The neibolt house.

This happened for weeks, Pennywise had seemed to stop killing, Younger children and going for teens, In an attempt to prove himself to you, That he could be a father to your child, His child. And then, one day, you found a crib, In a cleaned and done up room in the neibolt house.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your heart hammered, knees shaking, You turn to see Pennywise at the door, Holding another baby toy, not expecting you. At that, Penny sweeps you up In a hungry kiss, And you start trying for a baby.

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When he found out you were pregnant, He was out of this world with happiness. He starts to get stuff ready for the baby, Getting he or she toys, rattles, beds, everything. When you start to feed your child, Pennywise gets confused, watching like a lost puppy.

pennywise x hurt reader

Always holding the baby protectively, After you teach him how to hold your child correctly. Because he needed to take care of his family. Back with new Pennywise art! I tried to make a cover photo for IT 2.

I failed. Made in Source Filmmaker, by the way. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos. Recently Liked.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

Carrie x Pennywise - Nothing else matter

Derry, Maine You're a vampire new to Derry, come to escape 'Salem's Lot as the humans have begun to hunt your own. You chose Derry because its a quiet town, unless you count the disappearances every twenty-seven years. Pennywise doesn't like sharing his hunting grounds with a new creature of the night. Could you reach an understanding?

Or will you be driven out? Specially when you were pressed underneath him, fully naked and shaking like a leaf. You moved from Derry the minute you hit the age of eighteen. Upon your return there are things that have been waiting for you. You're home alone and walk in on a late-night visitor in your bedroom. Reader is male with a fear-lovin dick. So, ! Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry. Your legs are too heavy, pinned down to the bed.

You try to kick them free of the sheets, but something long and thin curves over your shins and keeps you still. Your mind kickstarts into overdrive, all traces of sluggishness and sleep obliterated in a rush of cold understanding and naked fear. You were born in Derry but haven't lived there since your parents' divorce. Still, every summer you travel back to stay with your aunt and young cousin Jimmy. Nothing too eventful ever happens, until this summer when your cousin's away at summer camp and you find yourself alone in the house Pennywise doesn't care about privacy.

pennywise x hurt reader

He'll get what he wants, when he wants it and how it wants it. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Pennywise x Reader - that's basically itWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. You're in your early twenties and you move to Derry, Maine to write your manuscript. You'd shoved the concept of soulmates into a dark corner of your head after High-school. Until you start getting dreams and soul marks frequently. There's this interesting ginger girl in town that you're drawn to. You aren't sure what the two of you have going on but she seems to really like Horror!

Luckily she's also willing to talk about the Horror book you're writing. One man versus all of society. One mans slow spiral into clown. Clown vs the World, coming straight to your house and home. Headcanons from my Tumblr. Feel free to request stuff and I'll see whether or not my brain cooperates!

Just some of my imagines from Tumblr. Request some stuff here or there if you dare. I'm under the same name! A young detective with the ability to perceive memories and emotional state of others finds herself digging into the many disappearances in the small town of Derry. Unfortunately for her, something has taken notice. You're running from something that you consider being scarier than the monster of Derry. You have a past and some problems, but when you run into IT itself, you suddenly question everything.

Moving into a new town is never easy. Moving into Derry's token haunted house? That's a bit more complicated. When you're a thrill seeker who wants to know what fear really feels like? It's the best decision you've ever made. After "With Prey". Pennywise is tired and sad. It has its children to comfort it, however, and it takes solace in how you ave left a beautiful mark on its heart. Amelia is small young girl who isn't scare of anything.

She is too clever for strangers and too brave for mosters. But what happens when she suddenly decided to befriend one of them? This is not slash fanfic because the main character is a kid. It's more wholesome than anything else. It shrinks back in their presence, its 'gaze' flickering to The Turtle who no longer seemed smug to It, but understanding for reassurance. It felt the judgement of this higher force, and if it hadn't been dead moments before, it would've taken great pleasure in mocking these two.

But now It had no words - for the first time, the Eater of Worlds was speechless. Chapter 2 - The man who stepped out of the tent was young.

Despite his receding hairline, his face held great youth with its high cheekbones and sharp lips.

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His eyes were deep set and large, and many a woman found it hard not to stare at the tall form of Mr Gray, at first with befuddlement, but then with curiosity.Hope you'll like it!

I'm sorry if there are mistakes : English is not my native language. Consultez mon profil. You pull the collar of your coat close around you in the night freshly fallen on the narrow little streets that you take nonchalantly.

You just got out of your little student job, and like every night, you're not in a hurry to get home. Your home is no more than a series of insomniac nights, crushingly boring. You never know what movie to put on, occasionally, you devour everything you can find in your cupboard.

You have nothing to do except feeling sorry your completely uninteresting life.

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Usually, the night is for you another means of escape, of reverie. Eyes looking in the direction of the stars, you can not help but stare at the moon that dominates the sky that night. She is beautiful and above all, incredibly close to you. You've never seen anything like this, except from the close-ups in the movies or this kind of photos on the internet capturing nature in all its splendor, so much so that you remain skeptical about the veracity of these shots. Nevertheless, it is a feeling of unease that makes you shiver from head to toe, not the cold that emerges from this graceful but strange night.

You can't know why. You keep dragging your feet and put your perplexity aside, but as if you could have predicted the future for a short time, a leather-gloved hand judging by the smell of it confirms your bad feeling by grabbing your mouth firmly.

You start screaming and struggling with the rage of a lioness as he rushes to undo your clothes. Your relentlessness pays off in the end and gives you the opportunity to turn around to assault him with blows as strong as your frail physique can expel. You attack him in the face and with a punch, you manage to make him bleed from the mouth.

The aggressor recoils, grumbling with pain but especially by your effrontery. His face, partially obscured by the darkness of the night, reveals a ferocity that was likely going to make you regret your actions. He grabs your neck and staunchly presses you against the wall with an increased strength. With a fanatic hatred, he administers a knee in the pit of your belly, determined to silence your rebellion. Your body twists in shock.

He takes the opportunity to take a small penknife out of his jeans pocket while you cough to the point of having the impression that you are going to vomit your guts. With a stupefaction unsuspected until then, he notices a myriad of disturbing bruises and bites. The one that holds his full attention, is an abnormally large bite that stretches from the hollow of your neck to your chest.Warning: Contains child abuse, family death, mild gore, and the reader being a cinnamon roll with a sad ending…for now.

Note: This is my first ever post. Anyways enjoy! Just less than a year ago it was mid morning when the clown-alien-thing heard screams of a child calling out for help. Pennywise had grinned thinking, it was time for lunch and stalked from the sewer drain to watch and plan an attack.

A little girl only 7 years old was running like she was running from the clown himself. Pennywise grinned imagining what he could do to lure her in. Maybe transform into whatever she was running from—if it was truly anything. He had seen children screaming before out of joy and pure amusement but the closer the girl got he noticed she was truly scared covered almost entirely with bruises and cuts.

The clown continued to watch curious now, as a man ran in holding a knife. Judging by shabby clothes and the way his gait was uncoordinated and tipsy the man had been drinking too much of what the humans called alcohol. Then he could eat the man for later after all the disgusting alcohol is out of his body, ugh, it ruined the flavor just as bad as humans who smoke. He heard a shriek and saw the man had the little girl pinned to the ground by her neck holding a knife over his head.

He narrowed his eyes and stepped a few feet closer as the little girl continued to cry for help. The girl closed her eyes expecting agonizing pain, but instead she felt nothing except her father loosening his choking grip on her neck. She refused to open her eyes, even after she heard a loud thud. The girl finally cracked one teary eye open and saw a clown with a grinning smile was standing by her feet.

At first she felt a little frightened until she noticed that he was the one who had killed her abusive father. You wiped your eyes with your sleeves before taking the string smiling. You had never really gotten a ballon. Your father never took you to a carnival or fair before so you were excited.

The clown was used to the gesture from his victims but for some reason this one caused a strange feeling inside of him. Penny raised his hand and gently stroked your head unsure of really anything. Why was he doing this?! You were too innocent to understand and ran off. Pennywise growled frustrated with himself. The clown heard the wail of police sirens and grabbed the dead carcass before dragging it back into the sewers with him.

At least he has a bigger dinner now.

I belong to the clown (Pennywise x Reader SMUT)

You were standing there holding a big box in front of you that was bigger than your head poorly wrapped with colorful wrapping paper. The clown took it and easily tore the wrapping paper off watching your excited face. He opened it and reached inside revealing a small stuffed animal.

You can name him or her whatever you like! You giggled and closed your eyes continuing to bounce on the balls of your feet awaiting for your surprise. Clown that we can be friends! The clown pulled away surprised by that. He had been asked if they were friends from his good plenty of times before but it never affected him quite like this.

pennywise x hurt reader

This child was certainly different. Pennywise knew it was hopeless and decided to just let you off the hook until he figured things out. With quick thinking he blew up a ballon and shaped and twisted it until he made a ballon animal of your favorite one.


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