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Wiesel awc war thunder

The Pz. It was introduced in Update 1. The Maus is the definitive tank of heavy armour in Rank V and is the largest ground vehicle in game.

The Maus can be a menace in the battlefield and conversely also a bullet magnet, a double-edged sword that must be played correctly or else fall victim to heavy enemy fire.

The "Maus" lives up to its reputation as a mobile bunker. The dual guns do great damage, however, against high-rank tanks it is best to use the mm main gun. It is important to protect the back armour on the Maus and to make sure it does not get outflanked. Preferable used at long range and choke points. Best used as an armoured beast able to destroy vehicles and take any shot. The sheer mass of the vehicle and its speed makes the mobility difference from the road to off-road negligible.

The vehicle can actually turn pretty fast once at Gear 6, which is better than the Jagdtiger and some other Rank V heavy counterparts.

wiesel awc war thunder

Keep that in mind and use it as an advantage in CQC. The mm is a great gun in-game, very accurate and perfect for mid to long range engagements. The reload is very good too for its calibre second stock that is a big advantage versus IS-4s, because the Maus has three seconds for an extra shot. Damage wise the mm PzGr. Coaxial LMG? Pff, that's for normal tanks But it is there anyway. On the Maus, everything is bigger. The short 75 mounted alongside the main originally served as anti-infantry and soft target weapon of choice.

In War Thunder, these vehicle types are either not found on the battlefield or as latter only on certain maps. In addition, the secondary cannon has a good reload rate of around 5 sec, thus it can be used to defeat light tanks and SPAA without wasting the precious mm ammo for more heavily armoured targets.

Versus heavy tanks, the Maus has all the advantages. While slower it can make up for this in close combat thanks to the good turn rate of both tracks and turret. Just quickly angle the Maus both turret and hull! Versus medium tanks, the Panzerkampfwagen VIII can fight in CQC with its great turret rotation speed, but at the cost of exposing the side armour and getting flanked, this should be kept as one's last and or only option.

Distance is the ally of the Maus, which should be easy to do considering that the top speed is 20 kph. This monster of a tank started development in on the suggestion of Ferdinand Porsche to Hitler, which was approved. The first prototype was to be completed by and the project vehicle was designated the Mammut Mammoth.Coming as part of update 1. Briefly: A unique Soviet SPAA vehicle, combining cannons and guided missiles into a highly effective anti-air platform.

Although the ZSU Shilka had successfully proven its capabilities in the numerous conflicts it took part in, its shortcomings were ever increasingly coming to light as well. While faster and more capable aircraft and helicopters were being developed, the Shilka was quickly becoming obsolete, with its very short engagement range and radar detection limiting its AA capabilities greatly.

Thus, inSoviet engineers began developing a replacement for the venerable Shilka.

wiesel awc war thunder

In addition, the decision was made to also install surface-to-air guided missiles, as the targeting systems for both cannons and missiles turned out to be conveniently very similar, and was expected to greatly bolster the capabilities of the Tunguska. Bythe Tunguska was considered ready. In the end, realizing the greater flexibility and potential of the Tunguska design, further development and production was approved. A pre-production batch left the factory floor in for army trials.

After a long series of tests, the Tunguska was officially commissioned into service with the Soviet Army in September The vehicle was continuously being improved upon, with subsequent newer variants being developed during the s and s.

Thus, modernized versions of the Tunguska continue to serve with the Russian armed forces today as well as the armies of Belarus and Ukraine. The Tunguska also sees service with other nations around the world, such as Yemen, India, Morocco and some others.

Unlike any existing SPAAG in the game, the Tunguska offers a mixed set of two anti-air weapon types, both of which are used and perform differently.

This feature will give the Tunguska its very own unique playstyle and will provide tankers with more variety as far as high tier SPAA gameplay is concerned. Unlike other contemporary SPAAGs, the Tunguska utilizes both conventional anti-air armament, represented by the dual 30mm autocannons, as well as advanced ground-to-air guided missiles.

The cannons feature familiar ballistics and are comparable to some of the most commonly used AA cannons found at the higher tiers, with a maximum effective range of 4 km almost twice longer than Shilka. Such a high rate of fire combined with a large ammunition count of rounds allow the Tunguska to comfortably engage even the fastest low-flying aircraft as well as helicopters up to a certain distance.

To combat this very serious threat, the Tunguska has a special ace up its sleeve - eight 9M guided ground-to-air missiles! The way these missiles operate is very similar to how second generation ATGMs currently work in the game. Tankers fire the missile, keep the target within the crosshair and wait for a big explosion to confirm a successful hit!

The only difference between the 9M missiles and regular ATGMs, is that the former is fitted with a proximity fuse, allowing it to automatically detonate in the close vicinity of an aircraft, instead of requiring a direct hit. Thus it should be used when a target moves towards or away from the launch platform.

The Tunguska is based on the chassis of the GM multi-purpose combat vehicle. The 2S6 Tunguska is coming to the top ranks of the Soviet ground forces tree with the release of the War Thunder update 1. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news for more information regarding the next major update coming to the game. Until then, happy hunting tankers! Eh, I liked the BMPs better Although one of my mainly played vehicles in Battlefield 3 and 4 is the Tunguska because "I'm gud at pew pew planes".

P0340 mitsubishi endeavor

Will any other nations recieve either hybrid anti-air systems similar to this or early SAMs such as the Tracked Rapier or Chaparral. I think the hybrid AA vehicles will be the best bet.By swpixyFebruary 18, in Passed for Consideration. Asked someone who spend a little more time in the mudzone than me.

Thanks for the Information,had a bit of a hard time finding anything on the version used by this. Will add info to OP. Also,here is a possible idea for a alternative implementation of these vehicles:Giving them relatively multiple spawns and reduced SP cost compared to lighttanks. This would compensate for the relatively low ammunition count and allow for implementing even the Rharmed variant at a relatively high BR,basically turning the Wiesel into a cheap "Spam unit" that can scout,distract and take out light armor in some cases.

I do think these sorts of vehicles need lots of testing, as they can be very annoying to play against and could change the meta. I dont think so. We already have vehicles like this Ontos,Type 60,M56,Striker -infact those vehicles have more ammunition than the Wiesel,and with exeption of the M56,more armour aswell-though they are also somewhat bigger.

Literally anything with a roof-mounted. And seeing as the vehicles named above do not cause any problems,i dont see why this here would. That said:. Is basically the point of vehicles like this or the examples named above :If played correctly,very annoying.

wiesel awc war thunder

If not,freekills that you generally wont even need more than your Machineguns for. Seeing as the German Techtree at T5 and T6 is with exception of the Maus and,to a degree,KPz all about mobility and firepower in exchange for sacrificing protection,i dont think so-this thing works on the same principle. Coupled with a extremely low groundpressure of merely 3. A version with TOW was also made at this point. This is the version of the Wiesel:3 years before it was cancelled due to cost in The Rh.

Moved to Further Discussion. Now you can immediately forward it to the developers.By swpixyFebruary 18, in Passed for Consideration. So many tanks that were in German service that are still missing in between the Leopard 1 and the KPz There are many more vehicles to still be added to fill in and flesh out Tier V and VI.

Coaxial 20mm,this time mounted on the Wiesel 2 Chassis-note the 5 roadwheels and increased profile. Its faster and smaller than pretty much anything else,so it would do a good job at scouting. Don't know if that the job of a "tankette". Another video for this thing. Nicely demonstrates mobility,aswell as just how tiny this thing is. The 30mm RMK had a big downside: due to the recoilless gun priciple, each shot gives away your position a big time.

Not very desireable for a vehicle working in close cooperation with light infantry. And then,of course,you also have the issue with backblast,not something you want when your vehicle is standing next to infantry most of the time.

Nevertheless its a interresting concept that would probably work quite well in WT,depending on where its placed. Passed for Consideration. Search In. Do you want to see these vehicles? Yes,but only MK. Report post. Posted December 12, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted December 15, Indeed, time will transform this game to the better hopefully.By swpixyFebruary 18, in Passed for Consideration. Basically,a modern day Tankette that started its life in the mids as a project carried out by Porsche to create a lightly armored vehicle that could carry a Rh. The Wiesel 1 was tested with various other weaponsystems aswell,such as Rheinmetalls RMK recoilless 30mm revolvercannon,a.

On basis of the Wiesel 1,a extended,larger version with 5 roadwheels was developed as Wiesel 2,which was then used as Ambulance,Mortar carrier,mobile command post and even light anti aircraft system Ocelot,consisting of a radar carrier and a second Wiesel 2 carrying 4 Stinger launchers.

This vehicle is extremely small and agile,but also extremely vulnerable incoming fire. The Rh. The amount of ammunition is extremely limited,so emphasis has to be put on making every shot count,regardless of which weapon is used. Basically,this vehicle relies on its small size and extreme mobility to get into capture zones and unexpected positions,and lay ambushes for enemy vehicles or distract them from bigger threats.

In terms of balancing,the TOW-armed version would probably end up at 8. The Battlerating of the Rh equipped version would largely depend on how it is implemented.

If given multiple respawns as done with vehicles that do not have a techtree,like the M26 "Ariete" or the Black Prince back when it was implented and given low spawn cost,it could serve well as a "spam unit" that can be used to do reconnaissance and killing light armor before bringing heavier vehicles,and the gun would be well capable of frontally taking out pretty much any light armor in short order.

With such a implementation,a relatively high 7. This vehicle would be for people that like using ambush tactics, and dont mind having limited ammunition and no armor in exchange for a big boomstick-Type players should feel right at home with either of these two.

Open for discussion. I respect Putin very much, even though he basically invaded the Ukraine, which I strongly denounce. Adding newer equipment is not necessary to spread out the BRs. However, adding newer equipment without spreading out the BRs will only result in further compression. It is about the amount of vehicles and queue times, not the equipment.

2S6 Tunguska: Better Together

Sure, if you only add Top Tier vehicles, then you are going to compress more. If you add more vehicles, spread out over the whole range of technology, then you can start to decompress by increasing the BR system and by decreasing BR spread. And thats the dilemma we're in Neither the AutoWiesel nor the TOWiesel actually plug any gaps that can then be used to decompress the trees.

Alright, I think you misunderstood me then. I was talking about more vehicles, be it modern or WW2, being added.The paper battlefield has been rolled out and the rules are in front of you!

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Prepare the figures and get exclusive vehicles from the enemy: the Merkava Mk. Get components from battles, assemble plastic models and capture classified documents with them that can be exchanged for prizes!

More details in DevBlog. Fight in Arcade, Realistic or Simulator battles! Each completed offensive brings you classified documents which can be exchanged for exclusive versions of the game vehicles. This data is necessary to start an assault on the main defence lane.

Will be gathered in an offensive plan. Soldiers capable of accelerating an assault on the main defence lane several times. Will be assembled in a company, battalion or regiment. The modeling container and Intelligence can be obtained several times in one battle and the remaining accumulated time will be saved and transferred to the next battle.

Armored Warfare: A Wiesel in the bush

You need to complete them all. Each type of enemy army will require a specific number of your forces and the time to complete an attack which can be done during the next game battle. Enemy companies, fortifications, armoured vehicles and buildings.

Wargame “Strategist”

An attack on each of them reduces the number of your figures indicated in the description. Only they can sabotage buildings. Reinforcements require double the assembly material as ordinary figures, but they can be traded on the market. An assault on the main defence line is available after the destruction of all enemies on five offensive columns, sabotage of three buildings and preparation of an offensive plan from separate intelligence.

Namakkal item area

If all conditions are met, all that remains is to wait and pick up the classified documents. They can be exchanged in the same card window for prize vehicles. An assault can be significantly accelerated by using an assault company, battalion or regiment assembled from assault groups or purchased on the market. To receive more valuable prizes it is necessary to complete the offensive and assault several times. Every subsequent offensive and assault will be held on the already explored map and will bring new classified documents.

Have fun! The Merkava Mk. The Sd.

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wiesel awc war thunder

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